Asset Tracking for Warehouse :

Asset tracking sometimes referred to as asset management, is the method you use to track your physical assets, whether you scan the barcode labels attached to them or you use GPS or RFID tags or BLE that broadcast their location.

you need to know the location, status, maintenance schedule, and other important information of your assets from your place, about your organization’s physical assets. This user-friendly machine allows you to locate and replace lost or missing physical assets.


Through the use of mobile computers, barcode labels, handheld barcode scanners, and asset management software, your assets can be monitored.



  • This can maximize asset control efficiency and minimize equipment loss and administrative costs.
  • It is efficient for production planning and reduces downtime
  • Enables to track your assets accurately and efficiently.
  • Possible to locate using lost items in a warehouse
  • Warehouse distribution can be monitored thought the supply-chain.
  • Sales forecast your assets in real-time.