Digital Manufacturing

Gone are the days where papers are pasted around the production lines to explain the  Work Instruction, Job Breakdown structure,Skill matrix,andon etc.In the 21st century we provide Digital Manufacturing solution for everything in the production shop floor which will lead to more useful data available instantaneously such as Electrical drawings ,manual and so forth.Find the attached Solution Brief here

How Digital Manufacturing works

  • Production lines will have centrally controlled Digi-Client system located near to the machines
  • All the Machine/station specific info will be available
  • Production breakdown/Material Request can also be alerted
  • Digi-Server Monitors all request and plan for escalation via SMS
  • All the request/issues raised on production line can be universal monitored by the Production executives
  • Analysis tools helps Manufacturing Executives to understand to make corrective actionsdigitization

Digitization Features:

  • Digital Work Instruction
  • Job Breakdown Structure through video
  • e- Skill Matrix
  • E- Kanban
  • Employee Attendance
  • Mutual Aid
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Live Messages
  • e- ANDON

Digital Work Instruction


  • Explained using Work instruction videos and Work instruction process image for every step
  • JBS document can be viewed anytime
  • New operators can easily get adopted to the new work instructions
  • Work Instruction is divided into many small steps
  • Every step can be easily configured and uploaded online through configuration software
  • Interactive work instruction ensures the production time for every step calculated.

Digitization for Skill Matrix:

Digitization-Skill matrix
  • Operators skills are monitored
  • Only skilled operators are allowed to work on machines
  • Training can be planned for unskilled operators


Digitization for  Employee Attendance:

  • Employee can check in /check out
  • Average working hours on machine be calculated
  • UnAuthorized operators can be alerted from Working on the machine


Digital Preventive Maintenance:

preventive maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance Alerts will be display for Machines
  • PM dates can be configured for different machines

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