Andon System:

An Andon system acts as a trouble alarm in industries. This system was first used in Japanese Toyota production systems. It is based on lean manufacturing.

Working :

In any manufacturing plants, location and nature of the problem can be identified with the help of the Andon system on the production floor. This is an effective approach to improve product quality.

The Andon system can be controlled using a wireless connection that can be triggered using switches.

A tower lamp is fixed. When an issue is detected in any production line, the operator notifies the issue, the operator will pull the Andon cord and stop the line. The red light indicates there is a defect in the machine, the engineer detects the issue and resolves, the yellow light will blink and it shows that the machine is under maintenance or stop for a while. Greenlight indicates the issue is resolved.

The idea of Andon is that worker can pull the Andon cord, triggering the light and/or music as a call for help and stopping the line when a defect is discovered

The data is then presented in graph or compiled in a report, which can be utilized by the management group as sources for decision making

Advantages :

  • Andon system is a visual and audible response notification tool, which indicates quality or process problem.
  • The operator can visually see that status and quality defects, highlights downtime, safety problems in the production line, this says the location, historical database, graphs, and analysis.
  • Identifies production disturbances.
  • Andon messages that communicate process problems across a facility ensure that everyone is aware of a given issue, drastically reducing downtime.
  • Automation allows a real-time problem analysis and correction and can remove costs associated with manual data collection and input.
  • A supervisor or team lead to quickly spot a problem before it escalates.
  • Andon system improves the continuous flow of activities.


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Is it possible to receive the alert by SMS/e-mail?

Yes, it is possible to receive alerts and notifications of a quality or process problem in real-time through your phone.

Is it possible to see the live status on central display?

Some modern alert systems incorporate audio alarms, text, or a central display to view production status in industries.

Is it attached to the machine or just mounted near the machine? 

Andon system will be mounted above the machine and serve as a means of notifying issues.

can we integrate the Andon system with SAP?

Andon system with SAP can be integrated and production data can be accessed.

How long does it take to install the Andon system?

Normally, it is possible to install 20 Andon systems in a week.

In which industries is it applicable?

  • Automobile Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • Aeronautical space industry
  • Machine Industry

Can we remotely access the reports and downtime data?

Wireless connectivity enables remote access.


Case study :

Luminous is an electrical company manufacturing Inverters, batteries, UPS, Packed Power, Appliances & Components. The problem is that there is an increase in machine downtime due to material or quality and data source related to production is not appropriately communicated to the common repository in the factory. The process needed to mitigate downtime, improve data connectivity between server. Can you find a solution to it?

Andon system provides a way to solve this problem.

First of all, Andon consists of tower lamp to communicate process problems effectively. At the same time, you will receive SMS or an alert message regarding production. By this system, it is possible to overcome problems related to downtime.

It is possible to consolidate data and link to display on a dashboard, which improves data connectivity respectively !!

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