How it works AndonAndon Display System provides a Visual feedback system for the plant floor that indicates production status, alerts when assistance is needed, and empowers operators to stop the production process.The Andon board allows the Executives to know about the issue in convenient manner



Features of Andon Display System

  • The Operator can raise issue from system directly
  • MTTR/MTBF Reporting for Production Efficiency
  • According to the issuer , the escalation happens
  • The breakdown details are available for the Manufacturing Executives
  • SMS/e-mail based notification to Supervisors & Maintenance department
  • The Andon system can be completely wireless which means the Executives or higher level management can know the status of their machine from their mobile/laptop itself.This helps the management to make quick decision or escalating the issues to the suppliers.


Product Specification for Andon System:

DescriptionStandalone AndonEnterprise Andon
Supply Voltage24 vdc24 vdc
Supply Current2A2A
Operating Temperature Range10 to 40 C (industrial)10 to 40 C (industrial)
Dimension120 mm x 180 mm(W x H)120 mm x 180 mm(W x H)
Features• Three tier tower Lamp
• Manully operated Andon terminal
• Tripod stand
• Three tier tower lamp
• Andon Server kit
• Andon Client kit
• Big Display on production line
• Production Monitoring tool
• Wireless antenna
• Automatic Email alert
• Automatic SMS alert
• Automatic Escalation process
• Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF
• Individual Issue code according to the Machine
• Individual Issue code according to the Machine
Accessories• Buzzer• Display Boards
• Buzzer


Top 5 Benefits of Andon System:

1.Andon System Decreases Downtime:

The andon system alerts the maintenance/warehouse/safety for any issues pertaining to the concerned team.This allows the downtime to decrease significantly.The andon system produces alerts in real time using sms / email,this ensures the issues resolved faster

2.Complete Visibility for Management:

The management can get a clear picture of andon system at any point of time.The management can connect a production monitor display to see the machine status in real time. The management will get a web interface to see the production status.

3.Comprehensive reports

All the critical KPI reports are directly available in the Enterprise Andon system which reduces the precious time of Executives in manually compiling the reports.This ensures the Digitization to happen using Andon system

4.Issue codes in Andon System:

Enterprise Andon system have a unique feature which allows the operator to raise the exact issue which he faces by entering the issue code in Andon system.This allows the executives to know the complete issue details through sms/email

5.Helps resolve frequent problems

The frequent occurring problems can be sorted using the RCA,where the issue’s root cause can be identified.In future if the same issue re-occurred the resolving method can be identified in the Enterprise Andon System

Andon system Installation at Customer premises:

Accessories :

  1. Andon Light
  2. Andon Boards & Displays

Application across Industries:

  1. Automobile Industry
  2. Electronic Industry
  3. Aeroneutical space industry
  4. Machine Industry

Overall this technology can be applied to any industry where the Downtime will be very critical to production

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