Kanban system :

Kanban paired with e-kanban is designed to automate manufacturing and production facilities. E- kanban reduces paperwork, it acts as a signaling system that stores data, project details, and activities of a physical kanban.

Working :

Kanban supplier system can be established to control the number of raw materials for the production process. Kanban system is based on just-in-time(JIT) production concept. This system gives direction based on the actual conditions existing in the workplace and prevents a deluge of paper.

As one of the lean manufacturing principles, the Kanban system emphasized a minimum level of inventory by producing only what is needed. The kanban contains information that serves as a work order.

The system is controlled by a Kanban card which dictates the optimum production parameters. Moreover, this scheduling system tells you what to produce when to produce it, and how much to produce.

kanban continuously monitor the process has become an efficient way in a variety of production systems.

There are two types of the Kanban systems, the single card Kanban system, and two cards Kanban system. Single card Kanban system uses only 1 type of Kanban card to trigger upstream production when it needed. This card is called the Production Instruction Kanban (PIK). The two-card Kanban systems use two types of card which are Production Withdrawal Kanban (PWK) and Production Instruction Kanban (PIK).

The first step in the introduction of Kanban is to visualize the workflow. This is done in the form of a Kanban board consisting of a simple whiteboard and sticky notes or cards. Each card on the board represents a task. At the core of Kanban is the concept of “Flow”. Kanban has different techniques, metrics, and models, and if these are consistently applied, it can lead to a culture of continuous improvement (kaizen).

The concept of Flow is critical and by measuring Flow metrics and working to improve them, you can dramatically improve the speed of your delivery processes while reducing cycle time and improving the quality of your products or services by getting faster feedback from your customers – internal or external.  

It consists of a pull signal and kanban will send material as fast as possible to the production line. Once the product is withdrawn by the customer, at that moment the kanban tells us exactly what the customer is using, and hence what the customer will need later.

Using E-kanban, online Material Alert can be given from Production line, material delivery Time can be tracked, the material shortage can be informed, red flag materials can be managed systematically and Warehouse materials can be managed using the software.

Advantages :

  • Work-in-process (WIP) profits the company.
  • A standardization size of the raw material can be created and scrap can be reduced.
  • Kanban system reduces inventory, reduce the lead time and capital losses
  • Minimizes user effort and production costs.
  • Reduces operational costs and improves market competitiveness
  • Maintains takt time for an inventory.
  • Kanban system reduces overproduction.

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