Kanban System for Material Management

The Kanban System is an integral part of implementing the Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing philosophy ,which was designed to control inventory and reduce waste.E-Kanban is a signaling system that uses a mix of technology to trigger the movement of materials within a manufacturing or production facility.

The Kanban system combined with good inventory practices smooths out inventory levels and eliminates carrying costs.The Kanban system focuses on current conditions, production levels are calculated to take into account downtime, scrap, and changeover time of equipment to ensure that the production schedule is met.

One of the biggest advantages of the System is that it improves the responsiveness to changes in demand. In this way, the Kanban system is similar to a smart traffic light with its ability to sense when the traffic, or in this case the demand, is building up.

Another advantage of the e-Kanban system is that it places control in the hands of the operators who are in the best position to oversee production.Kanban system is one of the important practice in Adhering to Lean Manufacturing.

Features of Kanban System:-

  • Online Material Alert can be given from Production line
  • Material delivery Time can be tracked
  • Material shortage can be informed to warehouse
  • If material is still not available,alerts can be raised to suppliers
  • On request ERP system can be integrated into the e-kanban system
  • Customized reports are available to find the material delivery and consumption
  • Material request and delivery will be electronic make this process fool proof


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